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Thought for the Day: How to Make a Living Doing Only What You Love AND Stop all the Wars at the Same

We live in an extremely exciting time right now.

We are living through an incredible shift in how things happen.

The way we used to do things is rapidly changing to a brand new approach that we are just at the very beginning stages of.

You and I and everyone else we know are instigating this change and creating it everyday.

We are coming to a point where all of us will be able to thrive together, growing a world that supports all of us exploring, discovering and expanding our potential.

This is happening now.

We are seeing the structures of our world rapidly changing because shifts in our understanding of who we are, what we truly want and what is possible for us is rapidly changing.

The one shift that we are making that will change almost everything is the structure behind how we exchange value. Once enough of us understand and begin consciously applying this shift in our own lives, almost everything in our world will change for the better.

The way we have exchanged value for thousands of years has looked like this:

There were the leaders.

There were the followers.

There were physical assets (stuff of value).

And there was the feeling of security wanted by both leaders and followers.

The leaders provided a feeling of security to the followers.

In exchange, the followers gave or worked to make physical assets for the leaders.

The leaders then obtained a feeling of security through controlling a majority of the physical assets.

In order to maintain this system, the leaders controlled the ideas of hope and fear in the minds’ of the followers.

The leaders made sure that their services would continue to be needed by making sure the followers never forgot about the fear.

The leaders method for keeping their position was to continually remind the followers about all the threats to the follower’s safety that the leaders could protect them from. Sometimes the leaders even created threats to make sure the followers continued to believe the leaders were needed.

Are you seeing how the military industrial complex, the spy grid and all they endless wars fit into this?

We are at the very beginning of shifting the entire structure of how we exchange value.

The shift we are moving to looks like this:

There are true leaders.

There are followers.

There are physical assets (stuff of value)

And there is the feeling of both security and freedom simultaneously that is wanted by the followers and the true leaders.

The true leaders are providing the feeling of both security and freedom for the followers.

The true leaders are creating partnerships with followers that empower the followers to break free of their hope and fear.

The partnerships create physical (and non physical) assets for both the followers and the true leaders.

The true leaders’ method for doing this is to effectively communicate to the followers that their real security comes from leading themselves, and then the true leaders provide methods for the followers to begin that process.

The followers and the true leaders get increasing feelings of security and freedom.

The followers grow into true leaders.

This is the new way we are beginning to exchange value.

When we become true leaders of what we love to do most, then partner with people who are interested in doing that as well in a way that creates increasing value for both parties, we are speeding up this shift and helping to end the need for fear itself. We are helping to create the world where we can all do what we love in a way that brings value to everyone.

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