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Thought for the Day: How to Predict the Future

There is one way to predict the future and be 100% accurate every time.

By supplying one word at the end of the sentence: “What will happen is___________” , you can be dead on every time.

So what is this word?

The word is: unknowable.

Try it. See if it works.

“What will happen is unknowable.”

Always, every time, without fail, 100%, rock solid, you can bank on it, period.

So why is it we spend so much time and energy on attempting to prepare for, rearrange, cash in on, invest in, build towards, worry about, brighten, guard against, insure, create, position ourselves for, take advantage of, lock in, plan out, and the list goes on and on and on, for the future?

Could it be that we have been trying really hard to overlook the truth of this simple fact: What will happen is unknowable?

Could it be that the culture that we have been educated and influenced by our entire lives is under the mass delusion that this is not the case?

Could it be that we have bought into a mass hypnosis that says that this truth is surmountable if we become smart enough, educated enough, good enough, cool enough, part of the right crowd, obedient enough, politically correct enough, read the right publications, get the right information, know the right people, do the right things, get the right technology, use the right strategy, be from the right family, worship the right God, buy the right product, buy into the right philosophy, get the right job, choose the right investments, and on and on and on; basically that if we get something we don’t have right now, we can know what will happen?

The idea of a knowable future has become the #1 sales agent for just about everything you can buy, including intangible ideas like religions and philosophies. And all because we have bought into overlooking the simple, always verifiable fact that what will happen can never be known.

It’s easy to predict the future when you are willing to give up yourself and stop drinking the same Kool Aid as everyone else on this idea.

What will happen is unknowable. Period.

When you accept that completely, then what you choose to do right now gets a lot simpler.

If the choices you are selecting from about what to do right now no longer include ones built on the idea that you can do something now to tweek the future in a way that you can know ahead of time how it will unfold, then you are left with only two valid questions:

1) How do I want to be right now while the future is unfolding?

And 2) What feels like the most exciting thing to do next?

How do I want to be feeling while unknowable happens? What energy am I most interested in experiencing as unknowable unfolds? And then what is the next most exciting thing that’s possible to do right now?

O.K. these are some variations of the same two questions, but you get the idea.

So the next time you catch yourself worrying or stressing or wondering about what might happen, remind yourself that you already know what will happen:

Unknowable will happen. Always. It can’t be any other way.

Unknowable is happening.

The only question is how do you want to be right now and what is the most exciting thing to do right now as it is happening?


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