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Thought for the Day: Life IS Improving

Life IS Improving. Unhappiness is simply your unwillingness to participate.

 Life IS an ongoing, natural process of continual improving.

 Happiness is a result of your willingness to stay open to and participate in this process.

 Unhappiness is a result of you resisting, or attempting to not participate in this process.

 You can move from feeling unhappy to feeling happy with anything in an instant, simply by either noticing or acting on ANY improvement, even a super small improvement, with it.

 Not happy with something in your life? If you want to, take a look at it and ask yourself:

 “What’s the smallest thing I can and am willing to do that would allow me to feel excited about this right now?”

 You might be surprised at how easy it can be to start feeling happy about anything simply by being willing to participate in life improving.

Life IS improving. Happiness is your willingness to participate.


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