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Thought for the Day: Scientists Confirm: Permanent Security and Permanent Freedom Possible for You N

Many of the latest scientific breakthroughs are now suggesting some of the same labeling distinctions about who we are and what our world is that many ancient spiritual teachings have told us for thousands of years.

Here are some wording choices describing these distinctions that might help allow these ideas to be more actionable towards improving our day to day experience of living.

Try out these definitions of us and the world we live in:

You = The ENERGY you are feeling right now and NOTHING ELSE. You ARE the noticing of how it feels to be in your body right now and NOTHING ELSE.

Feel how it feels to be in your body right now. That is you. Period.

STUFF = Your body and your thoughts and everything you can perceive with your 5 senses. Everything EXCEPT for the ENERGY you are feeling right now.

STUFF is everything that is NOT you.

All our problems are, is STUFF that our brain has inaccurately labeled as “us”.

We are NO STUFF, we are ONLY ENERGY.

We are only the ENERGY we are feeling right now – period.

Solving all our problems is the process of letting go of our brain’s inaccurate labels of “us”.

Solving all the problems of the world is the process of enough of us letting go of our brain’s inaccurate labels of “us”.

What is left, is the experience of the ENERGY that truly is us.

What is left is ALL POSSIBLE ENERGY right now.

Recorded human history so far, is the story of human’s unsuccessful attempts to make the ENERGY that is us a permanent part of our experience.

We all get tastes of this ENERGY but our brains quickly take these experiences, turn them into thoughts and then mix them in with the other thoughts that it uses to label the ideas of who “me” is.

Our brains take the experiences of who we really are – ENERGY- and turn them into STUFF.

Depending on your own personal history, you have either been seeking this ENERGY as a way to feel a permanent sense of security or as a way to feel a permanent sense of freedom.

If your brain has learned to value security over freedom, then all your problems will be about your struggle to try to keep STUFF the same, because this is how your brain thinks it will achieve you feeling permanent security.

If your brain values freedom over security, all your problems will be about your struggle to break free from STUFF being the same, because again, your brain thinks that is the road to you experiencing permanent freedom.

In either case, the reason the experience of permanent security or permanent freedom has not yet happened for most people is that the majority of us have not yet let go of the STUFF that our brain has been calling “me’ or “I”.

Because of this, for most of us, the experience of ourselves as ALL POSSIBLE ENERGY right now is being blocked by these thoughts in our brain. The STUFF our brain calls “us” keeps getting in the way.

We can only experience the ENERGY that is us as fleeting bursts that quickly get formed into thoughts labeled security or freedom or any number of other labels and then get turned into a goal for our brain’s  thoughts about “who we are” to try to attain sometime in the future – never right now.

Simply by letting go of allowing the inaccurate labels of our brain to tell us who we are, and instead putting our attention only on the experience of how we are feeling right now to get our understanding of who “me” is, we experience both permanent security and permanent freedom naturally right now. We also realize the ENERGY of both is who we are. We are the ENERGY of both security and freedom and much more; not sometime in the future but always right now.

In finding the ultimate freedom, we find the ultimate security and visa versa.


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