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Thought For The Day: The 1 Way Your Brain Might Ruin Your Day Today

Our Brains are nothing more than separating and labeling machines.

 Reality is simply moving energy.

Our brains create false separations within this moving energy and then put labels on those separations.

Our brains then perceive reality, which is simply moving energy, as a collection of separated static objects interacting with each other. This is the creation of FORM.

FORM is:

A)   Things

B)   People

C)   Circumstances and

D)  Thoughts

FORM = a misinterpretation of reality

FORM has no power because it is not really here (it only seams like it’s here because our brains carve up and label what is actually here).

All power comes from the moving energy itself that is reality, NOT from our brain’s misinterpretation of that moving energy (or FORM).

So FORM does not = POWER

The one way your brain might ruin your day today (or any other day if you let it), is if you allow it to trick you into believing that:


This one belief is what takes our attention away from experiencing the actual power of the moving energy that all FORM is made of (or more accurately, that all FORM always is beyond our brain’s misinterpretation of it).

To experience the true power of the moving energy that is reality, all that’s required is to redirect your attention away from FORM (things, people, circumstances and thoughts) and focus more on the SPACE in which all the forms are in.

You can feel it in just one moment of doing this. You might instantly feel a surge in energy. That’s because you are putting your attention on the power itself, not on the misinterpretation of power.

If you do this enough times, your brain might simply have to recognize that FORM does not = POWER, and it may simply let go of believing that FORM = POWER.

This might change how you focus your attention, it might change what you choose to focus on and it might change your experience of every”thing” (FORM).

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