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Thought For The Day: The 2 Universal Laws of Possibility

Imagine for a second that we lived in a world where there were just 2 universal laws that everyone knew about and lived by.

As soon as you could talk, you were taught these 2 laws and you saw example after example of these laws being demonstrated by everyone as you grew up.

Knowing the 2 laws let you know how the world worked and what your particular role in your life was.

The deal was as long as you followed the 2 universal laws you could have anything you wanted.

You always had the choice to not follow the laws but you had no desire to because not following them meant that you would instantly be getting something less than you wanted.

Your parent’s conversation with you when you were small went something like this:

“O.K. in our world you just need to know these 2 things and everything will be amazing. The first is that ANYTHING is possible. That’s right ANYTHING. Anything you can think of can be possible in this world.”

“The second thing is that everything that is in solid form, everything you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste is in a constant state of changing so every possibility that is in solid form now is always changing and eventually will not be here.”

“And O.K. yes there’s a 3rd thing I forgot to tell you. So the world we live in and this universe is a factory of constantly renewing possibilities. Your job as a human in this factory is to decide which possibilities get to be in solid form and to bring those possibilities into physical existence.”

 And then you might ask “Well how do I do that?”

“It’s very simple. Your tools are your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions. Your thoughts are you becoming aware of a new possibility, your beliefs are you feeling certain about wanting that possibility and you actions are the building of that possibility. Any possibility that you think, believe and act on with ALL you energy will appear in solid form. The factory will decide when that will be and exactly how it will happen. You just need to remember that it will happen and to do your job one step at a time.”

Imagine how your day might be different if you lived in this world.

Imagine what this world would be like.

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