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Thought For The Day: The Happiness Switch

We have a happiness switch that works as simply, effectively and consistently as a light switch. When you are not happy the switch is in the off position. When you are happy the switch is in the on position. If you want to go from being unhappy to being happy in just one moment, all you need to do is flip the switch. If you want to be happy more often in your life you simply need to leave the switch in the on position more often.

 All the stuff we experience – all the matter- is made of a flow of energy which infuses everything we experience. This energy is always perfect and carries with it the information to create any possibility. Our bodies and everything else we can perceive are simply formed versions of this energy.

A transducer is a device that converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy. The human body is a transducer. Our bodies transform the energy that everything is made of from unformed to formed energy. We take in the perfect energy that contains the information to create any possibility and we transform it into the stuff –the matter- that shows up in our experience.

Happiness is a result of the unencumbered process of our bodies doing their natural job of transforming energy. When we feel the natural flowing of this energy through our system (our bodies), we feel happiness. When the energy is being blocked or siphoned off, we feel less than happiness.

The focus of our attention is the switch that allows the energy in the transformation process to flow or to stop flowing. It acts to complete the circuit or disengage it. By shifting our attention to the on position, we allow the energy to flow unencumbered through our bodies and we feel happiness. When we shift our attention to the off position, the energy flow is stopped and we feel less than happiness.

The off position of the switch is you focusing your attention on the imperfection of what might happen.

The on position of the switch is you focusing your attention on the perfection of what is happening.


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