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Thought for the Day: The Math of Lasting Happiness

We are brought up to separate our experience into these 3 main categories:

“Me”, “Other Stuff” and “My Happiness”.

“Other Stuff” is also divided into two categories “Good Other” and “Bad Other”.

“Good Other”, we are taught, is any stuff that will help you get “My happiness” and “Bad Stuff” is anything that keeps you from getting “My Happiness”.

We are taught that we will get “My happiness” by solving this simple equation:

“Me” + “Good Other” = “My Happiness”.

Also “Me” – “Bad Other” can help to = “My Happiness”.

But what if this equation can’t work? What if the very assumptions that make up this equation are not accurate?

Science has been steadily proving that we are the energy that creates all matter. So in reality, that would mean there is really no separate “Me” or “Other Stuff” and that the feeling of happiness, however we define it, must not be separate from us in any way.

So if we discover our ability to choose to experience “My Happiness” regardless of what “Other Stuff” we might be experiencing , Then the equation would look more like:

“Me” + “My Happiness” = “My Happiness” (whatever “Other Stuff” is here)

As we get better at doing this, we might find that the equation can feel like:

“Me” + Any “Other Stuff” = “My Happiness”, because we are able to choose the experience of happiness no matter what, and we can begin to notice the added joy that every experience can bring if we are not busy trying to push it away or make it happen quicker.


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