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Thought for the Day: The One Conversation We All Have.

Ever feel like you’re having the same conversation with people over and over? Ever feel like you’re having the same conversation with yourself over and over?

Well chances are you might very well be.

In the book “Grow Happy” I introduced the idea of the Pattern of Unhappiness which is a simple four step pattern of associations that our brain makes that keeps us from continually experiencing the energy of happiness. Because our brains follow the same four step pattern, we end up literally having the same conversations with ourselves and other people.

This one conversation is simply reflecting our experience of the pattern of unhappiness and it can actually be causing us to keep each other from the happiness we would choose to experience if we knew a way out of the pattern.

Check out this one sentence below and see if you recognize having this conversation before. With many conversations you might have to read between the lines, but see if you can recognize this underlying pattern in the words you’re hearing. Then throughout the day as you’re talking to other people (and to yourself) notice whether or not the conversation fits into this template.

“Look how {worthy / unworthy} I {was / am /might become} of feeling love because of this stuff I {have / don’t have} an association with.”

As we begin to recognize and break free from the pattern of unhappiness, our inner conversation might begin to be more like this:

“Look how exciting it is to explore the energy of love that we are, that creates all stuff!”

As our experience of ourselves changes, so does our inner conversation. When we discover other people who are having similar experiences, we can begin a completely different conversation; one that empowers all of us to grow happier.


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