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Thought for the Day: The One Question that Can Turn Every Negative Situation Into a Benefit

If our experience is a reflection of what we are believing is possible, then anytime we experience something we don’t prefer, it is an opportunity to discover and let go of a belief that has kept what we do prefer away from our experience.

A simple way to discover what belief you are holding onto that is keeping away what you prefer is: whenever you are feeling less than excited about a particular event, ask yourself:

“What am I believing is not possible in order to feel this way?”

This will bring you to the possibility that you have been keeping from yourself by holding onto the belief that it is not possible.

You might find it easy to instantly see that you don’t need to continue believing that this is not possible and to let it go.

This can turn every (so called) negative event into the most valuable growth experience: a tremendous opportunity to forever let go of what has been keeping what you want away.

Here’s a scratch recording of a song I wrote yesterday about this idea called “A Different Question”.


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