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Thought for the Day: The Only Thing That’s Not Perfect..

The only thing that’s not perfect in our lives right now, is our brain’s habit of looking for what’s not perfect in our lives right now.

Life is an ever changing sea of possibilities and our brain is a Polaroid camera. By the time our picture has developed, the scene has already changed.

By the time our brain has reached a conclusion about how things are, things aren’t that way anymore. So we are giving an inaccurate meaning to whatever conclusions we have come to and then living as if those meanings are accurate. No wonder we feel a little out of step with life a lot of the time.

This habit is the only thing that keeps us from experiencing life as a constant flow of perfection. It’s the only part of our experience that gets in the way of life feeling like a perfect dance of exploring and finding  new and exciting discoveries and letting go of old ones. Our brain’s compulsion to give a meaning to everything that happens is the gum on the dance floor, the crazy drunk dude falling into us.

There is a specific reason that our brain does this and a very specific four step pattern that it follows every time. I cover all this in my book that has just been released on Amazon called “Grow Happy”. The book covers 5 specific steps to reverse this habit.

The jist of the pattern is that anytime we experience an event as “bad”, our brain is inaccurately assuming that the situation could prove that we are not worthy of what it is we would prefer instead.

Since the book came our last week, I’ve gotten some  new insights into how we might be able to live beyond this habit by memorizing only one sentence. Without getting into why this works here in this post (you can check out the book for that if you want), I’ll show the sentence here.

The idea is that through saying this sentence to ourselves when new changes happen throughout the day,  we are consciously supplying a more empowering meaning for the situation, rather than allowing our brain to do run it’s inaccurate pattern and trip us up.  Try this out and see how it works for you if you want. This sentence reverses the negative assumptions and supplies us with a new meaning that immediately connects us to the feelings we want instead.

The sentence is “This (whatever the situation is) is everything I want proving I am worthy of it now.”

This works for any kind of situation: ones our brain would label as “good” and ones our brain would label as “bad”.

The sentence is a no brainer in “good’ situations:

“This is everything I want proving I am worthy of it now.”

If it’s a “bad” situation, we are telling our brain that because the situation is showing us what we don’t prefer AND we feel less than good about it, that means that what we do want is on the other side of it proving that we are worthy of having it instead – otherwise we wouldn’t be feeling less than good about the current situation:

“This  is everything I want proving I am worthy of it now.”

Does this make sense?

So step 1 is to memorize the sentence and step 2 is to say it to yourself anytime you feel less than good in a situation. Try this out if you want and see how it works for you.

Thanks for reading!


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