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Thought for the Day “The Positive Gift of the New World Order?”

Regardless of how you feel about the people behind the current financial, governmental, corporate and social systems that have been in place for the past 100 years, you have to marvel at these people’s ability to design incredibly effective systems.

If you understand how all the above mentioned systems work together and were designed to produce specific results, the designs, in my opinion, are nothing short of miraculous. These systems have been producing very effective consistent results for the people that designed them for over 100 years.

Of course now we can see these systems potentially starting to break down and the designers taking bold actions to try to preserve them.

I’d like to suggest that the reason these systems are potentially starting to fail is not due to their design; it is in fact due to the intentions of the people who designed them.

The systems themselves have worked tremendously to produce results. The results they were designed to produce however seam to be the reason for the break down.

Can you imagine a world where we make use of this knowledge to design incredibly effective systems but the intended result of the new systems are to help all of humanity and the planet?

Perhaps the positive contribution that the people that designed our current systems will ultimately make to the world is their contribution in showing us how to build incredibly effective systems.

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