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Thought for the Day: Trying to Get Guarantees is What Stops Us from Creating Our Perfect Life

As soon as we begin doing something to guarantee a result instead of doing it for the excitement of exploring and creating something new, we obstruct the connection between our experience and our perfect life. In other words, we stop creating the life we want.

Wanting a guarantee is us attempting to freeze life in a specific way because we think it would be better that way. It’s like we are watching a movie we have only heard about but not yet seen in a crowded theater and we are yelling at the person running the projector to stop the movie at a particular spot and keep it on that one frame for the remainder of the 1 1/2 hours because that’s the part of the movie we think we will like best. Even if the projector operator were to grant us our wish, we would be the only one happy about it – AND even after a few minutes, even we would be bored out of our mind.

But this is what we try to do with some or much of the stuff in our life, isn’t it?


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