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Thought For the Day: What the @$#&* Do These Lyrics Mean and How the #&% Did That Get in a

In my opinion, an artist’s job is to be an example of what is possible when humans access their energy fields; our body’s natural source of power: to remind people that 1) It is possible to gain access to your true source of power, 2) That beauty and truth is the result and 3) that it is possible for everyone.

The idea of what art is and what it represents has been hijacked and twisted to further a totalitarian agenda of those who wish to dominate society.

The examples of art and artists most heavily promoted over the past 50+ years (at least the ones that didn’t end up getting whacked or taken off the payroll) to a large extent represent ideas of narcissism,  hedonism,  annialism, self destruction, dis empowerment, shallowness, ugliness and death, the exact opposite qualities that art (in my opinion) naturally represents when it has not been  captured and reformulated by people who care nothing about it except for how it can increase their social dominance.

As an artist, you must understand that what has been most often presented to us as art and artists in our culture has actually been nothing more than one piece of a social dominance plan and not really art at all.

What might be possible for your art if you completely let go of every and any idea of what your work has to be like? What could happen if you let go of any and every limiting concept about what box or boxes your art (or even your life) has to fit into?

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