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Thought for the Day: Your Problems ARE Your Power

Your Problems ARE Your Power

We tend to normally think of problems and the feelings associated with them as something to move away from – something to experience less of.

What if the exact opposite were true?

What if to fully experience our complete range of possibilities – to fully be alive, all we needed to do was plug directly into our problems?

Problems are just mislabeled possibilities – misinterpreted energy.

The most direct route away from a problem is directly into it and through it.

The energy and the possibilities that ARE your problem contain everything you are trying to get by avoiding it and more.

The more problems you have the more power you have. It’s simply now a question of which direction you are choosing to move in relation to your power. Are you unplugging from it or are you plugging in?

How powerful would you feel knowing that every new problem that comes up for the rest of your life will be recharging you and transforming your possibilities?

Your problems ARE your power. Plug in NOW.


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