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Three Free New Songs!

Hi Everyone!

Here are three free songs from the latest CD just released a few weeks ago. This is my 15th CD title “Acoustic 5” and it’s acoustic versions of 12 new songs.

You can download your three free songs here:

A quick update on some new developments:

Last year I began developing a Concert / Keynote Speech that uses the main points from my book “Grow Happy!” and live performances of 9 Transformational Rock songs. There are three versions, “Grow Happy! The Five Essential Steps of Lasting Happiness”, “Work Happy! The Five Essential Steps for Lasting Happiness at Work”, and “Lead Happy! The Five Essential Steps for Leading Happy Organizations”.

Catherine Bede, my amazing girlfriend and musical sidekick, and I have been offering these at many New Thought Churches throughout the year and it’s been a really rewarding and fun adventure!

We are now starting to market the Concert / Keynotes to the Association and Corporate market. We have our first Association event coming up in September and are really excited!

If you have any contacts where you work or know anyone involved in booking events that have keynote speakers, we would graciously accept any introductions, referrals etc!

You can refer anyone to our brand new site for the details:

or they can reach me at:

Thanks for helping the world grow happier by choosing to be you!


For Music that Transforms Happiness and More, visit To book Andy, visit

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