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Two Thoughts for the Day:

Thought for the Day 1:

All hope is the hope that something will prove we are worthy of love.

All fear is the fear that something will prove we are not.

Happiness is experiencing the energy of love that is us that all things are made of.

Happiness is who we are beyond hope and fear.

Thought for the Day 2: Life is Supposed to Be Effortless

Life is effortless when we are not in the way.

One specific thought pattern in our head is the only thing that has the power to allow us to experience something as less than effortless.

When our attention is focusing only on this one thought pattern, we cut ourselves off from the ideas that are all around us that could quickly make the situation effortless for us.

Once we discover and let go of focusing our attention on this one thought pattern, we immediately gain access to the right perspective and the right ideas which can allow us to make the situation effortless.

Try out these four simple steps to quickly turn something in your life from a struggle to effortless:

Step 1) Think of a situation or area of your life that feels less than effortless

Step 2) Ask yourself: “What am I assuming the outcome of this situation could prove about me in order to feel this as being less than effortless?”

Stay with the question until you get an answer. It will be about you being not enough in some way.

Step 3) Let go of the assumption and allow yourself to feel the opposite energy.

For example, if your assumption was “It could prove that I am not good enough”, then allow yourself to feel the energy of what it would feel like to know you are good enough. This will be easy to do once you have let go of the assumption.

Step 4) Notice what new ideas and insights you get now being in the energy you now have access to


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