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Understanding Balance in 7 Bullet Points

So I’ve been struck with the tremendous gifts of learning through making mistakes recently. Here are a few things that have hit me today 

1) All life is governed by natural laws

 2) Balance in life is achieved by living between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns.

          A)  The law of atrophy means that things are either growing  or   deteriorating ; they are never static. That means that if you are not putting resources towards growing in an area of your life, that area  is deteriorating.

           B) The law of diminishing returns means that if you put too much of your resources into one area of your life, that area will also stop growing.

           C) So balance in living comes from putting  just the right amount of your  resources towards growing in each area of your life.

 3)  The natural resources everyone is born with to use in achieving balance in living are:

           A)  Time

           B)  Energy

           C)  Focus of attention

           D)  The ability to learn

 4)  Achieving balance in living is allocating the minimum amount of these resources needed, to live between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns in every area of life.

 5)  The 3 main areas of life to allocate resources to are:

            A) Health

                a) Physical

                b) Mental

                c) Emotional

                 d) Spiritual

           B) Abundance

                 a) Work

                 b) Investment

                 c) Anything you create

           C) Relationships

                  a) Family

                  b) Friends

                  c) Community

                  d)  World

          D)  If you feel that any area of your life is out of balance, it may be that you are either putting not enough of your resources to it or you  are putting too much. Also if one area is not getting enough of your resources, chances are you are giving too much to another. Simply by retweaking the amounts, you can get to balance.

 6) Man made systems and laws do not always follow the laws of nature and may pull us out of balance. Consistent focus on aligning all areas of life between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns will bring us back to balance regardless of the changing of man made systems and laws.

           A) Take a look at how our current world systems might effect balance in the 3 main areas of living, by making it easy to put either not enough or too much of our resources in these areas:

                    a) Health

                    b) Abundance

                    c) Relationships

 7)  Balance is natural and we all have everything we need to achieve and maintain it.


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