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Using the 5 “W”s and One “H” to Answer WTF

Sometimes ideas are like new sneakers. Sometimes you need to try them on and walk around in them a little before you really know if they fit or not.

Here’s an idea you might find fun to try on.

There’s a concept in journalism and police investigations called the 5”W”s and one “H”. The idea is that in order to fully understand a subject or event there are 6 questions that need to be answered: The who, what, why, when, where and how.

 Missing one or more of these facts about a subject can cause confusion and uncertainty for readers and investigators.

Many people have been experiencing an increasing amount of confusion and uncertainty about the world, themselves and life in general these days. What if it’s because they are missing satisfactory answers to some of these questions? What if the answers that many people had for these questions in the past no longer match up with their current experience of reality?

Being human can be kind of weird. On one level it seams like our lives are constantly changing; like the situations, circumstances, events, people and things that appear in our lives are always in a state of changing.

And on another level there are some things that seam to be constant; like the fact that we always seam to live in a body, trees and grass and the sky always seam to be there. Dying seams to be inescapable. Gravity works. Stuff like that.

So it’s like we’re left wondering what the heck changes and what the heck doesn’t? In other words, what can we expect to change and what can we count on to always be the same?

Scientist keep looking for the answer to everything and keep finding increasingly more intricate ways of disagreeing with one another.

Spiritual teachers tell us to be present and that now is all we have and just accept what is.

Meanwhile many of us struggle with our life circumstances feeling that who we really are is increasingly at odds with what is necessary for us to do to survive.

If we had answers for the 5 Ws and one H on this subject of what changes and what doesn’t that we could consistently verify, then maybe we might feel less confused and uncertain right now, wouldn’t you say?

What if there are 2 levels to life? What if as humans we are actually living on 2 levels simultaneously? What if each level has it’s own answers to the 5 Ws and on H questions? What if the reasons why may of us feel confused and uncertain is:

A) We have not understood that we are living on 2 levels so we have been getting answers to one of the levels mixed up with the other? And

B) We have been missing some answers and /or accepted answers that aren’t working now.

 What if we think of the 2 levels of life as:

1) Level 1 – The Unchanging

2) Level 2 – The Changing

If we understood accurate, consistently verifiable answers to the 5 “W” s and one “H” questions for each level and we understood how the 2 levels interacted with each other, then that might be helpful towards our bigger question of WTF, right?

Let’s try some answers on shall we? Again as we’re trying these on, just like we try on a pair of new sneakers before we buy, we want to make sure they fit and feel good to walk around in before we buy them, right? In other words, they need to pass the test.

 Why don’t we make the test this: Any answers we decide to keep needs to make our experience of living better? That seams like something we can verify doesn’t it?

O.K. Let’s try these on:

The Unchanging level is the primary level of living and is the more important. All the answers from the Unchanging level always stay the same. It is part of being human and these answers will not change for your entire life.

You do not choose the answers to the Unchanging level.

The Changing level is less important. The answers to the 5”W”s and one “H” questions for this level only matter to the extent that they help the goal laid out by the Unchanging level.

The answers to these questions can change throughout your life. You can choose many of the answers to the Unchanging level.

Here are some possible answers:

The Unchanging Level: Who am I? I am all possibilities

What do I do? I am discovering my connection to all

Why do I do it? To be fully alive

When do I do it? Every moment (there is only now)

Where do I do it? Everywhere I am (there is only here)

How do I do it? By keeping as much energy flowing through my human energy field as possible.

I do this by choosing the most exciting options from the Changing Level every moment that I can.

The Changing Level:

Who am I? Your roles – You Choose

What do I do? You Choose

Why do I do it? You Choose

Where do I do it?You Choose

How do I do it? You Choose

These answers change. Every choice you make on the Changing Level is an opportunity to further the goal of the Unchanging Level or to move away from it.

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