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Warning! Political Rant Ahead!

In this wonderful opportunity filed time of political discourse, I have found myself baffled by one thing:

The venom with which people are sharing their points of view is what, in my opinion, is the most important story right now – way more important than who gets elected.

It seams like something is in the way between our own happiness and our willingness to have a different point of view than others when it comes to this election for some reason.

I have really been wondering what that is.

When our happiness depends on others having the same point of view as ours, then we become nothing more than an easily controlled mob of discontented victims rather than a secure, respectful, caring population of empowered and empowering world citizens.

Imagine for a second that you have a child. Now imagine you tell your child that they have to always share your point of view and that it’s not O.K. for them to explore any different viewpoints or share any ideas that might fall outside of your point of view. Now imagine that you make fun of them, ridicule them and pit their friends against them anytime they even begin to share an idea that might be different than yours.

How would you feel about doing this? Would this feel good? Of course it wouldn’t! So why are we doing this to our friends and fellow citizens? Do we just not care about them? Do we really think that we are SOOOO right that we can’t even allow them to express a different point of view without freaking out? What is up with this?

More than my own point of view about any current situation, I respect, value and work to build your ability and your freedom to have and to respectfully share your own take on what is happening – knowing that none of us are ever completely right- however different your points of view might be to mine at any point in time.

I am more interested in us exploring what is in the way between our own happiness and our own willingness to see things differently than others, because I think this is where the REAL problem is.

Being willing to turn down what ever is in the way and turning up our willingness to respect, build and empower each other’s ability to respectfully have and share our unique points of view is, in my opinion, the only way to truly make America great again, to truly feel the barrage of community, to truly do the best we can for America.

That’s why my choice for president is:


“Feel the great again for America – Please!”


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