We Are All Possibilities And No”Thing” Matters

We live in an endless sea of energy that contains all possibilities.

We ARE, in fact, an endless sea of energy that contains all possibilities.

Nothing that ever happens can ever change that.

All worry, frustration, anxiety, fear, jealousy, hate, bitterness, and hope (yes hope) is a result of forgetting this fact.

When we experience any of these feelings we are believing that some circumstance, person, thing or idea – some “thing” has the power to change this fact. In other words, we are believing that this thing really matters.

In reality this can never be true.

The next time you find yourself feeling in anyway less than what you want, ask yourself:

“How am I choosing to believe that this matters?”

You will then have a front row seat to see your own conditioning that has been allowing you to forget that you are the energy of all possibilities.

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