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We Don't "Get" What We Want: We Just Notice We Are It.

Experiencing our true nature or what we could call our true identity feels like the conversation in your head that would sound something like:

"I am all abundance, all excitement, all progress and all perfection forever."

Basically any "thing" your ego or Default Mode Network (the scientific term for the neural network that has created and holds together the mental image of "I/me" in our head) could ever want in the physical world, we are the essence or "substance" (for lack of a better word) of that could make it become real in the physical sense: that could turn it into matter that our 5 senses can experience.

The ego or DMN is the thought "I'm not good enough to experience that (abundance, excitement, progress, perfection - whatever it is your ego wants)."

In reality, nothing has to happen to feel good enough to "get" or experience everything you want because you already are the very essence/substance of anything you could ever want.

Simply noticing what's real beyond/behind or before the thought "I'm not good enough to experience that" is all it takes to feel good enough and feeling good enough is often times all it takes to allow it to come into your experience in the physical world.

Any time you catch yourself longing or wishing for something, try reminding yourself:

"Nothing has to happen to feel good enough to get everything I want forever now..."

and "Feeling good enough to have everything I want forever now is letting it happen now."

and see what happens.

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