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Andy Harrison has been a full time musician and music entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has been a full time performer, music teacher, radio and print media promoter, recording artist, music producer, songwriter, learning method developer, street team company owner, music lesson company developer and author of numerous music related books and programs.

He has founded and been president of over 14 successful music related businesses including record labels, the largest independent radio and print media music promotion company in the North West, performing groups, music production companies, music lesson businesses, web based music service companies, and music related information products. Andy is a huge fan of business automation and business system design.

Offer American Guitar Academy lessons through your music store.

AGA Licensing for Guitar Players

Coming Soon!!!

Learn everything you need to become an incredibly successful guitar teacher.

Learn how to turn your music teaching into a hands free money making machine.

To learn more about Andy Harrison, check out the Get Music, Learn Music and Living Music pages on

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