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What if Life Really is Like a Video Game?

What if life really is like a video game? And with each lifetime you live, the object is to learn the necessary learnings to move up to the next level. If you don’t learn what is necessary to move up during your current lifetime, then you start at that same level again in your next lifetime.

What if there are many levels to the game of living and life as a human is on level 3, the object of level 3 being to learn that we are the definers of circumstances – not the other way around?

We prove that we have learned this by being how we want to be in every situation, no matter what happens. All our circumstances are designed to be challenges to us doing this and will continually try to lure us or scare us into believing that we are defined by our circumstances.

Anything that we normally consider a “good” thing that happens is trying to lure us into letting this “good” situation define who we think we are (for example getting the perfect job, house, car, situation). Anything that we normally consider a “bad” thing that happens is trying to scare us into accepting the definitions of ourselves that this situation would have us believe (for example what we would think of ourselves after loosing the perfect job, house, car or situation).

Both “good” and “bad” circumstances are opportunities to demonstrate that we have learned that NO circumstances define us. That we are the definer of ALL our circumstances regardless of how alluring or frightening they may be.

Each time we demonstrate this learning, we gain power. Each time we fail at demonstrating it and get sucked into allowing ourselves to be defined by our circumstances, we loose power.

If we meet enough of the challenges and show that we are able to consistently be how we want to be through EVERYTHING that happens and not loose ourselves within the circumstances, we are demonstrating that we have learned the necessary lessons of level 3 and then we may move on to level 4.

So that would mean EVERYTHING that happens is the exact right challenge for that moment for you to demonstrate that you define circumstances and that circumstances do not define you.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, great or terrible, they are all equally important because they are your next opportunity to move ahead in the game.

If you feel fear or any other negative emotion about a situation, that is your signal that you are ready to demonstrate you have learned this principle by proving it with the particular situation that has arisen.

How do you demonstrate it? You keep being how you want to be through the situation. You stay in the STATE OF BEING that you want to be in and you don’t let the situation pull you away from it. You stay feeling, thinking and behaving the way that you choose regardless of ANYTHING that is happening.

You are then bringing your true self to the situation, not letting the situation define what you feel, think and do and who you believe yourself to be. You are then proving you have learned more of the lesson of this level.

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