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What if We are How We Want to Feel?

What if we are the energy we want to experience?

In other words, what if we are how we most want to feel?

What f anytime we don’t feel like ourselves, it is simply because a thought has gotten in the way?

What if anytime we are not experiencing energy we want (anytime we are not feeling how we want), it is because the energy we want has become trapped in a thought: a thought that assumes that some ‘thing’ can and might change the energy we experience.

That ‘thing’ could be a job, a relationship, the shape of our body, an idea about how our next creation might turn out, really any circumstance or situation.

What if this thought is the only thing in the way of us experiencing our complete selves in that moment?

What if by simply choosing to no longer assume or expect that this ‘thing’ can or might change our energy (can or might change how we feel), we can instantly experience the energy we want again or in other words, we can instantly be ourselves again?

What if by simply no longer assuming or expecting that the job, the relationship, the shape of our body, the idea about how our next creation might turn out, etc can or might change the way we feel, we can instantly feel like our complete selves again?


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