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What is Confidence?

Labeling is attaching meaning to things.

Feeling confidence about something is feeling certainty about the label(s) you have accepted for it.

Our brains are labeling machines and seek to find the most efficient route to you feeling certainty.

Because of this, it’s often times easy to accept labels for things that are quickly and easily available but that may not be accurate.

Doing this over time can create less confidence if we discover the labels we have accepted weren’t accurate.

True life long confidence is not confidence in the labels we have chosen or will choose. True life long confidence is feeling certain about our willingness to continue to do what it takes to improve our ability to make more and more accurate choices for the labels we accept for things from now on.

No matter how inaccurate the easily available labeling choices may seem, we can always feel confident in our willingness to stay curious and keep learning.


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