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What is Fear Really and What Can We Do About It?

Fear is a:





Fear is a thought pattern in the survival part of your brain that is attempting to keep itself alive through causing you to continue to believe it is you or is a part of you. It has been able to exist only through you believing it is a valid part of yourself that you need to pay attention to.

In reality, this thought pattern no longer serves you or what is best for you and it's only goal in your life now is to keep itself alive even if that means creating unwanted situations and emotions for you. It will often times sabotage you in going after what you want so that you will continue to give it your attention and believe in it's validity. It knows it is a completely fictitious identity or "entity" that can only exist as a belief in your head and it desperately does not want you to find this out.

As soon as you recognize it as being completely fake and you refuse to believe it is you, it cannot continue to exist in your experience and sabotage your actions or create feelings of fear and other related negative emotions for you.

The only reason we ever experience fear in our life, beyond a few seconds to warn us if we're in actual danger, is because this fake entity is trying to get us to believe in it again so it can continue to live on through us believing in it.

If you recognize this fake thought pattern when it comes up and quickly label it for what it is: a Fake Entity Attempting Reanimation and you choose to not fall back into believing it is real, it will not be able to keep creating fear or keep sabotaging your actions.

Asking yourself a question like the one below whenever you feel fear or any negative feeling for more than a second or two, can help you begin to recognize what's really happening and begin eliminating fear and self sabotage:

"How's the one who can only exist as a belief in my head not me?"

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