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What is Happiness Anyway?

In my last post I talked about the 4 things that our brains create that end up being the infrastructure of our experience.

I mentioned that science has concluded that us and everything else is, in reality, is one timeless field of flowing and ever changing energy. Our brains simply carve this flowing ever changing energy up into fake separations, or ongoing false assumptions, and these are what make up how we experience the process of living.

You can read that post here:

As I said in the last post, if all our attention is focused only on the thoughts in our brain, then our life appears to be nothing more than a constant game of rearranging these 4 things; what I called the “I” box (our concept of “me”), our “My Life” box (our story of our body + time), and the 2 different types of things from the “Other” box – “Good Other” (everything I want) and “Bad Other” (everything I don’t want).

So much of our experience can feel exactly this way: like a constant and never ending game of trying to get “Good Other” into the “My Life” box and “Bad Other” out of the “My Life” box.

If we believe that these 4 things are all there is, then we are bound to feel less than awesome much of the time because, as I mentioned before, the ever changing nature of life is always changing how these 4 things show up in your life.

So how can we be happy? And if this is all we know of what life is what is happiness in the first place? I’d like to suggest a new definition of what happiness is based on the information above.

Happiness is directly experiencing the flow of ever changing energy that we are made of.

When we are happy we are feeling this flowing of energy and we suddenly feel more alive than we did before.

The only thing that limit’s the duration and amount of us experiencing this flowing of energy is our brain’s game of rearranging the 4 things.

Most people have only experienced living only through this game and they only give themselves permission to feel happy when the 4 things are arranged in one particular way:

Enough “Good Other” is in the “My Life” box and a sufficient amount of “Bad Other” is not in the “My Life” box.

Anytime the 4 things are in any arrangement other than this, most people’s brain says: “Oh things are bad right now, I can’t feel happy until I (my “I’ box) get “Good Other” back in the “My Life” box, or at the very least I get more of “Bad Other” out of the “My Life” box.

Our brains simply don’t allow us permission to access the experience of this flowing energy accept during the limited times where the 4 things are in a very specific arrangement.

In fact if we are only paying attention to our brain’s arranging game, we are ultimately attempting to get “Good Other” in the “My Life” box so that we can feel the flowing of constantly flowing energy (in other words, so that we can feel happiness).

Our brain then believes that having “Good Other” in the “My Life” box and “Bad Other” out of the “My Life” box is the only way to feel happiness (the flowing of ever changing energy that we are made of).

As you can see though, the only thing in the way of us experiencing this flow of ever changing energy all the time is our attention being focused only on our brain playing the rearranging game. That’s it!

We ARE the flowing of ever changing energy. It IS us.

We have simply not given ourselves permission to notice it all the time. That’s it! We have instead allowed our attention to be lured into the movie inside our heads titled “The Epic Struggle of The “I” Box Getting “Bad Other” Out of The “My Life” Box and Getting “Good Other” in The “My Life” Box (OK kind of a long title).

Happiness is ALWAYS here, ALWAYS available. There is no way for us to actually be separated from happiness because it IS us.

We just have this organ inside our skulls that has developed a habit of playing really vivid movies that have drawn our attention in.

The movies are so “real” looking (and sounding) that we have believed them to be real, including the main character “us” (the “I” box).

Any moment we choose to though, we can expand our attention to include more than the movies playing in our skull theater. We can become aware of the flowing ever changing energy happening right now that is the source of all happiness.

This experience IS happiness and it’s available to us ALL the time regardless of what movie is playing inside our heads or what arrangement the 4 things happen to be in at any given moment.

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