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Why are We Angry with Our Parents? Why are Our Kids Angry with Us?

When we are very young, we choose our own limitations based on the responses we get from our parents. We then live with the pain of these choices, overlooking the fact that we made a choice. We assume our pain was and is being generated by our parent(s) and we feel anger towards them because of this assumption.

We are really angry at ourselves for remaining trapped in our own limiting ideas of who we have been assuming we have to be.

When we take the chance to step back and see the assumptions that we have chosen, we are at the same times, giving ourselves the chance to re decide if we want to hold onto them or not. We are then giving ourselves the chance to be and feel more of how we want now and from then on.

For a simple 5 step process to discover and let go of your limiting assumptions, you can check out this post:

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