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Why Are We Here?

You know the big questions in life that have become almost cliché in our culture that so many people, religions, institutions, self help gurus, spiritual systems, scientific theories, etc have tried to supply answers for throughout history:

Why are we here?

Why do we go through all this stuff?

In other words, what is our purpose for having the experiences we do?

I am a huge fan of experimenting with life and testing out different conclusions to find out how they effect our experience, realizing that any conclusion we ever come up with is limited and we can be open to keep exploring our experience for broader and deeper understandings to questions as our ability to take more in grows.

In my latest video “Your 3 Keys to Lasting Happiness” I talked about the 3 main things in life being the “Stuff” (all the people, places, things, ideas and circumstances we experience in our life), the “Energy” (the energy that all the stuff is made of) and “Our Choice” (the choice that we have to decide what we focus on every moment).

You can check that video out here:

The main idea in the video is that the experience of lasting happiness is the habit of continually choosing the Energy we want to experience rather attempting to get Stuff to bring us the Energy we want. Through the process of doing this we get to discover that the Energy is what changes the Stuff we experience in our lives. The better the Energy we choose, the better the Stuff that shows up in our life is. Using this idea to answer the big questions, we might come up with these answers:

Why are we here?

To become better choosers or energy.

Why do we go through all this stuff?

All “Stuff” (people, places, things, ideas and circumstances) is here to help us become better at choosing the energy we want. What ever “Stuff” you are experiencing in any moment is the stuff that can best help you become a better chooser of energy right now.

If you want to, try these answers out and notice how your response to the stuff that happens changes.


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