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Why You are a Super Hero and Why Only You Can Save the World

The problems created by all of the societal structures in our world today are happening because of one thing: a small group of people have figured out how to capitalize on human greed.

These people have figured out that humanity is nothing more than an energy system that can be tapped and controlled as easily as they can drain energy from a battery and direct it to wherever they choose.

They look at the human individual and each household as a unit of energy that can be manipulated and used to bring more energy into the production of goods, services, infrastructure and assets for themselves and they have figured out how to make this happen as a general course of us living our daily lives without us even being aware that it is happening.

Some of the main components of their system include the control of money systems, governments, human opinions and the creation of war.

To learn more about this, Google the document “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

The one component that allows all of this to continue, is human greed itself. The system that these people have developed relies on humans continually wanting to get more than they are willing to give.

This is where you and me have direct access to reorganizing the system. We can begin to balance our own personal lives, our own energy systems to a point where we become willing to give more than we get. We can begin to reverse the pattern of trying to get more than we give.

The interesting thing that happens when we do this, is that doing this actually gives us back more energy than we gave out. As we become more willing to give, we actually naturally receive more energy in return, more than we would have ever gotten through trying to get more than we give.

If we are able to continue to be willing to give more than we receive, our own energy system can become more and more balanced and full of power naturally. We can begin to discover that all the power we were seeking through trig to get stuff is readily available through our willingness to give.


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