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Your I Frame: The Key to Experiencing Your Best Life Now?

What if life is nothing but our best possibilities wanting to happen now?

Picture life as an empty field of energy and information containing all possibilities; nothing but pure potential.

Now picture that we have the ability to draw a frame around this field and put it anywhere we want. Wherever we put this frame determines which possibilities we experience in life. If we put the frame over stuff we want, we experience stuff we want. If we put this frame around stuff we don’t want, that’s what we experience. We have the ability to make this frame as big or small as we want and we have the ability to move it any moment we choose to.

Now picture that this frame is created by what we’re saying we are now. Whatever we’re saying we are right now IS us putting that frame over the field of all possibilities called life and it is bringing the possibilities inside that frame into our experience. If we say we are hating life now, more of the things that we are likely to hate will come into our experience. If we say we are loving life now, more of the stuff we are likely to love will come into our experience because we have moved the frame to those possibilities. If we say we are not worthy of what we want, then we experience not getting what we want or we feel undeserving if we do. If we say we are worthy of having what we want, then the opposite happens. Wherever we move the frame that’s what we get. I’m calling this frame our “I frame”. Your I frame is simply how you are filling in the blank to the statement “I am _______ now”.

What if by simply being more aware of what we are saying we are (where we are putting our I frame), we can completely change our experience anytime we want?

What if life is, always has been and always will be trying to give us the best possibilities for us, but is limited by where we choose to put our I fame? What if anytime we don’t love what is happening, it’s not because life has given us a raw deal, but it’s because that’s the best life was able to do with where we were putting our I frame in that moment? What if simply by moving our I frame to a different place will allow possibilities we want more into our experience even in the very next moment?

What if all the suffering we have ever experienced has been caused by us being unaware that we had our I frame in a less than ideal place?

What if the power we have in this life is to decide where we put our I frame now; what we choose to say we are every moment?

What if our life always wants us to have all the best possibilities every moment and is doing everything it can to bring them into our experience and it has been waiting for us to align our I frame with those possibilities?

What if by defining what we are, we are also defining what’s possible for us?

If you’re finding this idea exciting, try out these three questions throughout the day to help align your I frame with your best possibilities anytime you’re feeling less than you want. Ask yourself throughout the day:

“How am I completely loving life now?”

“How am I doing the most exciting thing now?”

“How am I whatever I’m saying I am now?”

In my experience so far, no matter what is happening, one of these questions will quickly allow more happiness and better possibilities into your experience.

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