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Your Instant Happiness Formula

Have you been feeling overwhelmed or bored lately?

If so, this is REALLY GOOD news!

Feeling either overwhelmed or bored actually means that there is greater long term happiness just around the corner waiting for you!

When we feel either overwhelmed or bored that means there is a conflict between our natural energy (or our true purpose or natural direction in life) and how we are choosing to interact with the stuff that is happening in our life right now.

When we resolve this conflict, we instantly connect with a greater experience of our unlimited natural happiness. It’s like we were lost in the wilderness for a while and now we are suddenly back home and we appreciate what that feels like on a much greater and more powerful level than ever before!

One of the key components of learning how to do this is recognizing that longer term happiness is a result of us staying in the excitement zone. When we choose to focus and act on what feels exciting, this results in us experiencing greater and longer term happiness.

You might notice that the most exciting option you could choose at any given moment, is not always the easiest option; in fact, often times it may seem very challenging. You might also notice that the feeling of excitement falls between the feelings of boredom and feelings of overwhelm.

If you choose to focus on what’s too challenging, you will feel overwhelmed. If you focus on what’s not challenging enough, you’ll feel bored. When we choose to focus and act on what’s exactly challenging enough for us right now, we feel excitement.

Getting some skill and practice at doing this more consistently in our lives, gives us the ability to more quickly and more easily bring the happiness that is always available into our lives no matter what is happening.

So how do we do it? How do we resolve this conflict, stay in the excitement zone and move from feeling overwhelmed or bored to feeling happy on a whole new level?

Here are two formulas you can use right now to begin making this shift.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, your formula for feeling happier is:

Overwhelm + clarity + shorter term focus = excitement

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then getting a little clarity about what you are the most excited about right now and then focusing on a smaller amount of time (like maybe only on what you want to do in the next hour, rather than over the next 10 years), this will instantly reconnect you to more of your unlimited natural happiness.

If you’re feeling bored, your formula for feeling happier is:

Boredom + opening up to more options + longer term focus = excitement

If you’re feeling bored, then getting curious about all the things you could get excited about experiencing over a longer period of time (like over the next year or over the rest of your life), and then having a longer term focus, will instantly reconnect you to more of your unlimited natural happiness.

You’ll know if you’re focusing on the right length of time based on how excited you are feeling. You can play around with shortening or lengthening the span of time you are focusing on with either of these formulas, until you reach your maximum level of excitement.

Feeling overwhelmed or bored is your signal that greater happiness is waiting for you to notice it.

Thanks for reading!


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