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Your Perfect Life is WAAAAY Closer than You Think!

Your perfect life is already happening every moment waiting for you to participate in it’s ongoing creation.

All the abilities and resources you will ever need to build, maintain and continue improving your perfect life you always have access to at exactly the right moments in exactly the right amounts.

In fact, there is no separation between you and your perfect life – it IS who you are: you are your perfect life happening right now.

The only way you can ever not live your perfect life is by buying into the false assumption that you could be less than it.

When you begin to entertain the thought that you could be anything less than everything you want, you begin closing yourself off to the energy you want to feel, the ideas about what to do next to continue creating your perfect life, and the actions that would naturally allow it to continue being created.

You start to act as if you are less than how you would be in and as your perfect life.

Every moment we are faced with only one choice: the choice to think we might not be enough, or the choice to notice how we are everything we want happening now.

What might be the most exciting way you could remember to ask yourself anytime life feels less than effortless:

What do I want now?

Do I want to think I might not be enough?

Or do I want to notice:

“How am I everything I want happening now?”

“How am I everything I want happening now?”

“How am I everything I want happening now?”


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