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Your True Power

Your True Power

 Here are some random insights today inspired by Eckhart Tolle

Your true power as a human = the power of your attention

There are 2 main things you can focus your attention on in life:

1)    Your story and/or

2)    The process of living

Your story = A) Your life situation

                     B) Your history

                     C) Your imagined future

  D) The character that you imagine yourself to be in your


The process if living = Only what is happening right now in this


In my experience, the quality of your life experience is determined by what percentage of your attention you put on each category in any given moment.

Simply by shifting your attention more to one or the other will have drastic effects in your experience of life.

In my experience, happiness and peace are the results of making the process of living the primary focus in any given moment.

If you’re stressing out, maybe you’re taking your story a little too seriously. Simply by putting more attention on the process of living (only on what’s happening right now) you can immediately change your experience and you might end up laughing at yourself!

If you try this and find out that it works for you, a next step might be to begin developing a habit of making the process of living your primary focus.

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