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Feeling Less than Excited About Something Today?

Feeling less than excited about something today?

Here’s a simple game I came up with today to help transform the feeling quickly.

Whenever we are experiencing something as a problem or even when we are feeling less than excited about something, our brains are creating this experience for us using one simple pattern based on a distorted view of what’s really happening.

The basic pattern is this: A particular circumstance is the cause of a particular feeling I am having or will have.

Basically: This circumstance causes my feeling.

Our brains make the mistake of believing that a circumstance has the power to be the cause of us feeling a certain way. In doing this, our brains cut us off from the fact that we are always choosing how we feel always and that no circumstance ever has the power to cause an feeling in us.

When it appears that a circumstance is causing us to feel a certain way, it is because our brains are not noticing the step of us choosing the feeling.

What happens in reality is:

A particular circumstance happens, our brain gives it a meaning, then we have a feeling based on the meaning our brains gave the circumstance.

Basically: A circumstance happens, my brain gives it meaning, I experience a feeling.

So whenever we are feeling in a way that we don’t prefer, it is because our brain is overlooking the part where it creates the meaning of the circumstance.

Try this game out on something you’re feeling less than excited about today and see if you feel differently about the situation.

Step 1) Fill in the blanks with your circumstance:

If ___________ (happens) I will feel ________________.

Step 2) Answer these 2 questions. Make sure you end up with answers stated in the positive (so your answers won’t contain the words “not” or “won’t”):

A) What would you prefer to happen instead?

B) How would you feel if that happens?

Step 3) Now fill in your new answers A and B from the last question into this new sentence:

The more I am feeling (answer B) right now, to the best of my ability, no matter what happens, the more (answer A) or something even better will happen.

Saying this sentence can remind your brain of it’s power to choose meaning and thus the way you feel.

The new song “Turn Up the Feel Good” is about remembering our power to choose our experience.

You can check out the demo here:


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