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How To Get Everything You Want All the Time

How To Get Everything You Want All the Time

That’s the title to my New York Times best selling book – or so it could have been, if the contents of the book didn’t end up being only one sentence long.

What was the one sentence?

“Want what you get all the time.”

Yeah I guess I could have filled the book in with lots of graphs and charts and semi interesting stories about myself and people I knew, but in the end that one sentence really didn’t seem to need anything else.

I guess I could have mentioned a lot of scientific research and talked about how neuroscience has discovered that your brain is constantly asking 2 main questions in every situation:

“What does this mean?” and “What do I do?”

And that how we answer these 2 questions determines how happy we are with what happens to us.

I probably could have speculated that by choosing to want everything we get, no matter what it is that we are then aligning ourselves with what life wants and made the assumption that life wants something for us.

I could have talked about my own experiences in experimenting with this idea and finding that very soon after trying this process out in my own life I became aware that life really seemed to have a goal for me or a direction it was wanting me to go and that life quickly seemed to start working with me and my ideas as soon as it recognized I was choosing to allow it to unfold in my life without me fighting against it.

I could have mentioned that after this process I came to the conclusion, at least for now, that life seems to want one thing for me beyond anything else and that every situation that comes up when viewed through the right mental filter can be a benefit no matter how “un” beneficial it looks in the moment.

I could have said that that one thing that life seems to want for me more than anything is for me to discover more of who I really am and that when I began wanting everything I got I recognized that I wanted that more than anything else also.

I also could have written out steps for the reader to take to help try this theory out in their own life like memorizing the phrase:

“The more I want everything I get, the more I get everything I want.”

And to try out these answers to their brain’s 2 main questions in every situation:

What does this mean? This is the best opportunity to explore and discover more of myself right now.

What do I do? The most exciting option available right now. (because life makes the best opportunities for you to discover more of who you are appear as the most exciting to you in that moment).

I guess I could of put all that stuff in there and more but after rereading it, the one sentence along with the title really seemed to work just fine:

How to Get Everything You Want All the Time: Want everything you get all the time.

The End.

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