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The 3 Steps to Creating What You Want Most

So much of what we think we want, often times comes from a desire to feel less limited. We want stuff to change in order to prove that we are not limited in a particular way.

When we assume we are limited, we also assume that certain things are not possible (at least not for us right now). So out life becomes separated and feels like it’s us against everything else where we have to struggle to make things change.

When we are already experiencing ourselves as unlimited, we also experience a life where everything feels possible. From this experience, nothing feels like it has to change because we have nothing to prove (to ourselves or anyone else). Changing things is then simply fun experimentation and creation and it happens in a much easier and more effortless way.

If we were to break the process of creating what we want most in life into steps, it might look like this:

1) Get the feeling first: Feel full of life – experience yourself as unlimited with the sense of  knowing that anything is possible.

2) Notice the most exciting inspired idea that comes to you

3) Take the most exciting next step towards creating it and repeat steps 1 – 3.


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