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Thought for the Day:

Feeling stuck in a certain part of your life?

Having a less than easy time making progress or a hard time feeling like you’re moving forward in a particular area of your life?

Would you be curious if I told you that it’s all because you are afraid of just one small thing?

Would you be even more curious to know this one thing is so insignificant that you might end up laughing about it by the end of this post?

So what is it that you are afraid of?

You are simply afraid that the process of moving in the direction you want might pull you away from some of the good feelings that you have now.

You might know that the end result you have in mind would feel way better than you feel right now, you are just afraid that all the things that might happen during the process of you getting there might disconnect you from some of the good feelings you have right now.

You might also be afraid of loosing some of the good feelings that you have right now that you get from hoping that this result might happen sometime later – not having it actually happen.

If it actually did happen and you found out the feelings of having it actually happen are worse than the good feelings that you get from just hoping or dreaming about it, you are afraid you will loose those good feelings you have right now.

In short, you are afraid that the process of moving in the direction you want might bring you worse energy than continuing to stay where you are.

When you realize that you are always choosing the energy you experience every moment and that this energy IS literally what has created your current circumstances, you also realize nothing that ever happens can ever take you away from your connection to whatever energy you decide to experience at any moment no matter what is happening.

You realize that the things you have been labeling as “things that might take me away from my good feelings” have absolutely no power what so ever.

You realize it is always you who chooses how you are feeling no matter what, and you see that moving forward is simply deciding to upgrade the energy you are choosing to be in and then allowing that energy to gently rearrange things if that’s what needs to happen or to keep things the same if that’s better.

Either way, you are where you want to be – always.


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