Thought for the Day:Instantly Eliminate all Fear in Your Life Forever – Give Up all Hope.

Instantly Eliminate all Fear in Your Life Forever – Give Up all Hope.

I know how this sounds, but I’m serious!

Let’s pretend for a second that the latest findings in sciences like Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics and similar fields are correct and at the base level of our existence we are in fact an ever flowing stream of all possibilities all happening NOW.

That would mean that we not only have instant access to any possibility that exists but that we actually ARE all those possibilities right at this very moment.

So the only way we would not experience a particular possibility in our life is if we shut ourselves off from that part of ourselves (ourselves being ALL Possibilities).

That would mean that if we want to experience something in our life that we are not now noticing, it’s not about getting it, making it happen or working towards it, as much as it is about stopping the process of shutting ourselves off from it.

If we ARE all possibilities right now already, then simply by stopping the process of shutting ourselves off from the possibilities we want should allow them to show up right?

So if all this is true then we would probably be very interested in knowing 2 things:

1)    How do we shut ourselves off from the possibilities we want? and

2)    How do we stop doing that?

If we are ALL Possibilities continually flowing right now, then the only way we could shut ourselves off from any of them is to pay attention to something other than that flow of possibilities happening right NOW.

In other words we would have to pay attention to something other than who we really are.

The only thing that is not the flow of all possibilities happening right now is any particular idea in our memory or in our imagined future.

So the only way for us to shut ourselves off from any possibility is to focus on a memory or an imagined scenario that might happen in the future.

If we think of life and ourselves as a continually flowing river of all possibilities then focusing on a memory or a future scenario is like us holding onto one particular possibility amidst the mighty flow of all possibilities.

It’s like we’ve singled out one possibility and are trying to hold onto it against the force of the mighty continual flow of every other possibility.

This is what fear is right? Remembering something that happened before and imagining it happening again.

This is also what hope is. It’s constructing a possible scenario and holding it out in the future regardless of what might be changing right now.

From an energy point of view, hope and fear are actually the same thing. They are exactly the same process of shutting yourself off from the flow of all possibilities now. The only reason we have 2 different words for them is that we’ve labeled one as feeling bad and the other as feeling good.

By giving up the pattern of holding out hope, you instantly loose all your fear because it’s the same thing.

Try it out for an hour and see for yourself.

If you are not waiting for some possible scenario to happen in the future, then you’ll find there is nothing to be afraid of losing in the future either.

Your fear has to disappear because hope and fear are the same pattern.

So you might be saying to yourself at this point something like: “Yeah but what do I have if I don’t have hope? Won’t life be depressing and meaningless?”

So what would be left if you were no longer shutting yourself off from the continual flow of all possibilities?

That’s right – the continual flow of all possibilities!

You might find that by giving up hope (and fear simultaneously) you immediately gain access to the flow of all possibilities happening right now. There’s no other place for your attention to go.

How will you know you are experiencing it? You might discover that it is where your excitement comes from.

You might also be saying something like “So that means I should never plan or think about the future or work towards anything again?”

Maybe think of it this way. If we ARE the flow of all possibilities happening right now then it would make sense that we could experience any of them if we didn’t shut ourselves off from them.

So by keeping our focus on the flow of all possibilities moving through us we could then direct that flow to specific possibilities that we wish to experience.

It’s as if we have been given this massive firehouse that constantly sprays any possibility we want. But we have been conditioned to believe that we aren’t holding the hose – that some other force or other people or institutions etc are holding the hose. So we let it fall to ground (or let others take control of it) believing that we don’t have any real say in which possibilities we experience from the hose.

But if we pick the hose back up and keep our focus on the flow coming out, we can then begin to truly direct the flow and choose which experiences we want to show up.

By giving up hope and fear we give up chasing the results of the flow of possibilities and we focus on directing the flow of possibilities.

Try it out. See what happens. I bet you never considered giving up all hope before!

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