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Thought For The Day: So What Really Matters?

When we ask this question, aren’t we really asking “what really causes matter to be a certain way?”.

Aren’t we asking what will make a real difference in the matter (the stuff) that I experience?

When you choose between two options, aren’t you really choosing the option you think will create the most optimal arrangement of the stuff you will experience?

So before we decide to put our time and energy into anything, the more accurate answer we have to the question “what really matters?” the better results we can expect.

So what really does matter? In other words, what really does cause matter to be a certain way?

The latest scientific research points towards energy being the source of all matter and the cause of all change in matter.

If this is true then what really matters is this energy – always.

If we are deciding to put our time and energy into any activity (if we are interested in putting our time and energy into what really matters), then every activity we choose to engage in already has a built in hierarchy of importance.

What matters the most is that which allows us the most access to the energy that all matter is made from.

Since we are actually made of this energy we don’t really gain any more access to it, we simply notice more of the access we already have; or in other words we notice more of who we really are.

So what really matters is that which allows us to notice the most energy that all matter is made from. The more of this energy we are aware of, the more we have access to the power that causes matter to be a certain way.

If we consciously understand that noticing more of this energy is what really matters, then anything that happens can be used to help us do that.

Whatever happens will either be an opportunity to appreciate what is happening more fully or it will be an opportunity to discover and let go of a limitation that has been obscuring this energy from our awareness.

No matter what happens, if we approach each moment with this understanding, we are always gaining more access to what really matters which is ultimately ourselves.


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